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 Our company offers installation at your place for each instrument and device supplied to you. The installation is performed by trained personnel of our company, which are continuously updated . Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

IGA with MS

The system is in full operation at the University of Crete since April 2013.

During the installation three technicians worked for 2 weeks and executed the system installation, operation tests, calibrations, the training of laboratory personnel (4 days) and some basic measurements on materials of the customer.

i2000SR upgrade to i4000SR

In 2013, Ministry of Health approved the upgrade of the currently installed Architect i2000SR to Architect i4000SR. The whole procedure was to connect on the current i2000SR analyzer, antoher one i2000SR. The new modular analyzer is the i4000SR. An instrument that is controlled by the same controller but twice the capabilities of the i2000SR. Upgrade procedure started on 26/2/2013 and finished next day, in order to minimize the down time of the laboratory.

ICP 7000DV Installation Vasilikos Power Station

After the completion of the reconstruction of  Vasilikos Power Station,  1.5 years after the explosion at Mari, our company was contacted to arrange the re-installation of the Perkin Elmer ICP 7000DV! All of the sudden, our ICP and one Lambda 25 spectrophotometer, survived the explosion and the total destruction of the laboratory with some scratches. On November 2012 we proudly started the re-installation of the ICP. Spectrophotometer was delivered earlier to EAC.

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