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ADC Bioscientific

ADC Bioscientific, the preeminent manufacturer of instruments to monitor gases, plant biology, and soil CO2 flux.

For the investigation of plant physiology, ADC produces the most portable and user-friendly equipment on the market. The photosynthesis measurement systems – ranging from ultra-compact to sophisticated systems for comprehensive experiments – are invaluable tools for thousands of researchers worldwide. To accurately and non-destructively measure leaf area and associated parameters, ADC produces the most compact and portable commercially available device. ADC’s hand-held Chlorophyll Content Meter is a highly reliable and affordable instrument to non-destructively quantify chlorophyll. To allow plant stress to be investigated through chlorophyll fluorescence, ADC supplies a range of chlorophyll fluorometers – from compact hand-held devices to fluorometers that offer exceptional experimental control and more testing protocols than any other portable fluorometer.

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